a Greek comic poet, born at Sinope; contemporary of Menander; was the forerunner of Terence and Plautus, the Roman poets.

The Nuttall Encyclopaedia. . 1907.

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  • Diphilus — Diphilus, of Sinope, was a poet of the new Attic comedy and contemporary of Menander (342 291 BC). Most of his plays were written and acted at Athens, but he led a wandering life, and died at Smyrna. He was on intimate terms with the famous… …   Wikipedia

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  • Diphilus — ▪ Greek poet born c. 360–350 BC, Sinope [now in Turkey]       major poet of Greek New Comedy and a significant influence on the Roman playwrights Plautus and Terence.       Diphilus lived most of his life in Athens, and his death was commemorated …   Universalium

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  • DIPHILUS Sinopensis — Comic. paulo iunior Menandro. Vide Voss. de Poet. Gr. c. 8. p. 60. et 61. nec non de Hist. Gr. l. 3. p. 360 …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • ДИФИЛ —    • Diphilus,          Δίφιλος, из Синопы, писатель новой аттической комедии, современник Менандра и Филемона, жил в Афинах и умер в Смирне. Он написал, говорят, 100 комедий, из которых почти 50 известны еще по заглавиям и отдельным отрывкам.… …   Реальный словарь классических древностей

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  • Menander — For other meanings of Menander, see Menander (disambiguation). Bust of Menander. Menander (Greek: Μένανδρος, Menandros; ca. 342–291 BC), Greek dramatist, the best known representative of Athenian New Comedy, was the son of well to do parents; his …   Wikipedia

  • ARISTOPHANES — I. ARISTOPHANES Arhcon Athenis, Olympiadis centesimae duodecimae annô secundô. Diodor. Sic. l. 17. c. 49. II. ARISTOPHANES Byzantinus Grammaticus, Callimachum senem puet audivit, adultior vero Zenodorum, Dionysium item Iambum, et Euphronida… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

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